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Hassan Alkatib is a British Documentary Filmmaker, News Reporter, Journalist, Presenter, Producer, Director, Researcher, Camera and Editor.

Jeremy Corbyn talks to Hassan Alkatib about his life, activism and role as a politician. Corbyn revisits his role in bringing about a peace settlement in Northern Ireland; his experiences in Gaza; his opposition to the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria; his support for Chilean, Palestinian and Irish independence; Britain’s role in Zionism and much more.

Hassan Alkatib interviews Nouman Ali Khan, one of the leading English experts on the linguistic miracle of the Holy Quran. Nouman talks about how he converted from atheism to Islam, and recounts how the Quran transformed him and many others. He is listed as one of the most influential Muslims in the world. Nouman hopes to make the Quran’s meanings and teachings accessible to all Muslims. http://www.bayyinah.tv

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Reports & Photos

Hassan Alkatib is the former Press TV London & International Correspondent, and also the former Al Etejah TV Senior International Correspondent. More of his photos can be seen here: https://hassanalkatib.wordpress.com/photos

Reporting in Geneva, Switzerland and Dublin, Ireland
Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 17.28.08

Interviewing George Galloway at Westminster
Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 19.19.50

Interviewing Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan from the USA
nouman ali khan hassan alkatib

Interviewed on RTrt int

Interviewed on Islam Channelislam-int-2
Presenting live reports on Scotland’s 2014 referendum
Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 18.40.34Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 16.46.58

Reporting live at the biggest pro-Palestine demonstration in London, 2014Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 18.49.37
img_0399 (1)

Interviewing prominent guests Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 19.03.01screen-shot-2014-09-22-at-18-37-09

Traveled to the Crimea to report on the historic referendum in 2014

Outside 10 Downing Street

Reporting live from Gaza in 2010 (I was 23 years old. One of the youngest correspondents for Press TV)gg-int

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A satirical article about those who join ISIS

ISIS fighters in Iraq

Are you young, stupid and naive, asks journalist Hassan Alkatib? Just finished a boring university degree perhaps? Are you the sort of person who’s itching to swap your European citizenship for a “Muslamic” one? Or maybe you’re looking for something more worthwhile than arguing on Facebook with Sufis about whether Milad is haram?

Well I have just the answer for you young lad! Here are five good reasons why you should join the unfairly maligned Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS).

1. Takfirism has become the favourite sport amongst Muslamic people in the last few years. Next time someone disagrees with you, on absolutely anything, just make takfir on them! How dare they disagree with you! Your uni degree obviously qualifies you more than most Islamic scholars out there. So what better way to do this than to join like-minded takfiris all gathered together under one banner?

But these guys don’t stop at takfir…

2. They exterminate! Killing, destroying, and ethnically cleansing has recently become a very fun and well paid job. Those shrines, mosques, churches, religious minorities and Muslim apostates obviously need to be destroyed. How on earth did the Companions (ra) of the Prophet (saw) miss them? No matter, you can put them to shame by showing how much more Muslamic you are.

3. The demonization of Islam and Muslims is just not enough, you’ve got to demonise Islam even more! How dare the Western kuffar do that when the oh-so holy Muslamic warrior, like you, can do it tenfold. This is your opportunity to distort and violate the teachings of Islam…and do it on camera for the whole world to see!

4. Your ideal dream of a massive Caliphate that would spread to the four corners of the earth is really going to come true! Just look at what the Great Caliph Osama Bin Laden achieved; he has a state encompassing Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and the Caucuses. Boko Haram have the whole of Africa right under their control (with Al-Shabab controlling regions in eastern Africa, and Ansar al-Sharia controlling all of north Africa). Even our friend Anjem Choudary has established Muslamic law in London.

So what the heck can go wrong?

5. Which brings me to my final point. Much more important than all the above. In fact, just carrying this out is better than anything you could ever do!

How about you serve the neo-con, Zionist, Western colonial agenda in the region and back home? Why not? Don’t worry, they’re not Shi’ites, so they’re fine. You should join hands with those that want to destroy the Ummah. You should create chaos, destruction, and hatred. You should distract resistance groups from fighting Israel. You should endeavour to split Muslim nations bit by bit until there are hundreds of Taifas.

Remember those? The small Muslim kingdoms in Spain that emerged from fighting and disunity in the 11th century. They later sowed the seeds of the elimination of Al-Andalus in 1492. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to do the same to the whole Ummah!

So now that you know the ground rules, go on and join the Muslamic State of Idiots and Shambles, otherwise known as ISIS.

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Why is Charlie Hebdo OK, but not Dieudonne?

Is France selective about which speech they allow and which to censor? Find out with TV presenter Hassan Alkatib and political expert Hafsa Kara-Mustapha as they discuss how the French Comedian Dieudonne is being censored by the French authorities.

hqdefault (2)screen-shot-2014-09-22-at-18-35-17 (2)

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Islam Documentary

The Islamic Centre of England commissioned Hassan Alkatib to put together an educational documentary on Islam and Islamic beliefs. Script by Sheikh Bahmanpour.

The film explores aspects of Islamic creed; such as the oneness of God (Tawhid); the two attestations or declaration of faith (Shahadatayn); the miraculous Quran; the prophethood of Muhammed, the final messenger of God; other prophets in Islam, such as Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus; and life after death. The film also touches upon other areas; such as conversion to Islam; Sunni and Shia; Science in Islam; and Islamic civlisation.

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Ireland & Palestine

Hassan Alkatib looks at the solidarity and similarities of the Irish and Palestinian struggle for freedom against imperialism and occupation.

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New Horizon Conference exposes Zionist lies

“The future belongs to those who prepare for it today” – Malcolm X. The 21st century began with perhaps the greatest false flag operation in history. The Neocon Zionists planned, prepared, engineered and took the initiative to shape and advance their colonial agenda around the globe, and particularly in Muslim countries. 13 years on from 9/11, the Zionist perpetrators have done an extraordinary job in deceiving the world and terrorising those that dare expose the truth. What this episode in history shows is the breath-taking scope of influence and power the Zionists have over the U.S. and the Western world. Discussing the true extent of the power and role of the Zionists is a forbidden topic in the sphere of Western mainstream political discourse. But those who stand up to Zionist tyranny and speak the truth found a common platform at the 2nd New Horizon Conference in Tehran. I gave a speech and shared my thoughts on developments in the Middle East and how Zionists have manipulated groups like ISIS and have helped to create chaos and destruction in Iraq and Syria with the ultimate aim of weakening the resistance (spearheaded by Iran) against Zionist and Western colonialism. The International Conference brought together academics, activists and journalists from mainly Western countries to discuss issues ranging from boycotting Israeli products to the power of Zionist lobbies. Big names such as Gareth Porter, Dr Stephen Sizer, Pepe Escobar, Medea Benjamin, Art Olivier, Wayne Madsen, Sheikh Imran Hosein, Dr Randy Short, Professor Kevin Barrett, Ken O’Keefe and many others gave presentations. There were speakers from Palestine, the UK, the USA, Ireland, Canada, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, Russia and the Congo. I very much liked the contribution from Iranian scholars, politicians, and activists – including Leila Alavi’s inspiring and moving book about Rachel Corrie.10714135_1608721772688756_2671797788115673452_oIran has very often been a unifying factor in the world, so it was encouraging to see participants coming from diverse backgrounds and beliefs, including Sunni, Christian, and Jewish speakers. I feel that the Islamic Republic of Iran’s tough and bold stance (militarily and psychologically) against Zionism has been a factor in raising awareness and encouraging others around the world to speak out against the propaganda and threats from Zionists. One can argue that the Zionist propaganda machine is losing momentum, especially after the massacres in Gaza. For many years politicians in Britain would line up to defend Israel’s war crimes. But in the last massacre on Gaza in July/Aug 2014 we saw little outward support for Israel from UK politicians. In fact what we saw was a shift in the narrative, and some commentators and politicians were talking about the Palestinians having a right to resist. Just to give a few examples: the former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, wrote on his website that “when Israeli ground troops actually move into Gaza, it is my sincere hope that the Palestinians kill as many as are necessary to stop them. That is justified, legal and necessary.” Another is the Lib Dem MP, David Ward, who said he would fire a rocket if he were in Gaza (although he later apologised for saying this). The Conservative party politician, Sayeeda Warsi, resigned her position as the Senior Foreign Office Minister citing the UK’s response as “morally indefensible”. Other senior politicians called for an arms embargo on Israel – something unimaginable a few years ago. It is important that those who oppose the Zionist agenda come together and help defeat the destructive Zionist narratives, and the New Horizon Conference was an opportunity to do just that. I hope to see more and bigger conferences like this in the future.

PS: The Zionists were a little upset that this conference went ahead, and so they tried to slander and smear the event by falsely claiming it was anti-Semitic. They were upset for no other reason but that the Conference challenged the Zionist political agenda. This was not a Conference about Jews or Judaism, but about Zionists (which includes Christian Zionists, Jewish Zionists and even Muslim Zionists like Saudi Arabia).

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British Muslims terrorised over Woolwich murder

Muslim groups in the UK have reported a rising level of Islamophobic hate crime, after a British soldier was killed in London by two young men. Although British Muslim leaders have strongly condemned the murder, they say their community is being targeted for a crime they were not part of. Press TV’s Hassan Alkatib was at the scene of the incident and shows how media hype inflamed the situation.

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Brian Haw

brianhawHe’ll be remembered as the man who stood outside Parliament for nearly ten years.

Brian Haw, a peace campaigner, staged the longest protest outside the British Houses of Parliament. His campaign started in June 2001 in protest over the criminal sanctions on Iraq that led to the deaths of half a million children.

His activism became ever more important after 9/11, as Bush and Blair launched wars against Afghanistan and Iraq. The police and authorities continuously harrassed Brian and made various attempts to remove and restrict him.

In 2011, he spent six months in hospital and later died of lung cancer. One year after his death, filmmaker Hassan Alkatib, looks back at his amazing achievement and documents his story with exclusive never-seen-before footage of his life in Parliament Square.

Words By Roger Antony Carter. Music and Performed By Barry David Butler

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Egypt Revolution Documentary

Hassan Alkatib presents an informative documentary on how the fear factor was used and controlled by Mubarak’s regime against his people and how the barrier of fear was broken, which led to the 25th of January revolution. The programme also shows the struggle and success in toppling the dictator.

The Documentary has been given a top rating on Press TV’s website.

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